Away Ticket Scheme Press Release (15/07/19)

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Last Updated: Monday, 15 July 2019 23:28
Away Ticket Scheme Press Release (15/07/19)

Away Ticket Scheme Press Release (15/07/19)

Information was released to the press today (15/07/19) regarding Aston Villa's decision on the Away Ticket Scheme.

The press release

"The club can now confirm plans for our away ticket sales for the upcoming 2019/20 season.

"After consulting extensively with supporters - and also following a benchmarking process with other clubs - we've made some changes.

"Under new procedures, in order to be fair, transparent and reward loyalty, away ticket criteria will be based on attendance at previous away games from the 2018/19 season as we also withdraw our away season ticket scheme.

"The new sales criteria will start at season ticket holders who attended 18+ away games last season all the way through to general sale, with 15+, 12+, 9+, Season Ticket Holders and Claret/Cub members in between.

"The first game of the season - away at Tottenham Hotspur - will go on sale next Thursday from 5pm online, subject to allocation and pricing being confirmed in the coming days by the host club.

"We appreciate that while this new policy rewards loyalty, it means that it also potentially makes it difficult for a lot of eager fans to attend big Premier League matches on the road.

"Therefore, 25 pairs of away tickets for each top-flight game will be made available on Pride Rewards for supporters via a Prize Draw, starting with the clash against Mauricio Pochettino's Spurs. Winners of the Prize Draw will then have the opportunity to purchase a pair of tickets.

"We understand that some fans will be disappointed there is no away season ticket scheme for this season but we believe this to be the fairest way to allocate away tickets to supporters who wish to follow us on the road."

Do not despair!

There will be plenty of opportunities for supporters to attend away matches over the season. Spurs away is not the only away match!

Be smart and plan ahead. Once again we encourage members to build up their histories early at the start of the season and choose the less popular fixtures, such as Norwich City away, to get matches assigned to their references.