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Changes to Bromsgrove Villa Lions membership

Changes to Bromsgrove Villa Lions membership

Changes to Bromsgrove Villa Lions membership


After consulting with supporters who regularly travel and engage with us, full membership of the Bromsgrove Villa Lions will be via an annual subscription from next season, 2020-2021.

Why are the changes taking place?

The previous membership model of just "£5 for Lifetime Membership" has become unsustainable.

Our current membership stands at over 1080 supporters, with most being dormant and not supporting the Supporters' Club. There are some members who choose to receive our text and email services that have not travelled with us for years - yet travel with others. We know they opt-in to receive these excellent communications that their other Supporters' Clubs do not provide.


The Bromsgrove Villa Lions are at the cutting-edge and are continuously improving our systems, including behind the scenes. We use professional external services for text messaging and email marketing. As the Club grows, so do these costs. Most Supporters' Clubs and groups do not even have a basic website.

There are many other costs incurred that are often taken for granted, for example: we spent £25 on carrier bags for our Play-Off Final victory back in May to be used on our coaches.

What are the changes?

We are moving from a Lifetime Membership model to an annual subscription membership model, Full Membership.

From March 2020, members will be able to sign into our website and purchase their Full Membership securely online for the new season. Cost: £10 per person.

What happens if I don't renew?

You will still be a member of the Bromsgrove Villa Lions, but only on a Basic Package.

What are the membership packages?

Full Membership:

  • Email service
  • Text message service
  • Ticket requests on member's behalf
  • Travel with BVL at preferential prices
  • Access to the Members Zone on our website
  • Booking of AVFC Events / Holte Pub access  

Basic Package:

  • Email service
  • Travel with BVL (supplement added for travel, e.g. £3 extra per person per match)
  • Access to the Members Zone on our website

Changes for this season

For convenience, the changes for this season are minimal.

Members who are included in the text message service and have not travelled with us so far this season, up to and including Wolverhampton Wanderers away (10/11/19), will be removed from the text service for the remainder of the season - pending match attendance with us. If members are on the email list, they will continue to receive these emails regardless.

Supporters who signed up after our Play-Off Final win over Derby County are unaffected by these changes for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season. Furthermore, supporters who signed up from mid-August were only presented with an annual membership option in readiness for the possible changes.

Any queries

For any queries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We aim to respond within 2 working days.