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Exciting new services coming soon - just for members!

Members Zone

Exciting new services coming soon - just for members!

New services coming soon via our website.

The history

Since the close season, we have been reviewing services we buy in and enhancing services our website can offer.

One of the services we used provided a secure method for new members to sign up and pay their membership fee. We exceeded the number of new members on our subscription plan per month and it was not financially viable to continue using their services.

What is happening now?

We have decided to implement a new membership sign-up and payment form on our website which is currently undergoing the final stages of testing.

To enhance our service further we have used this as an opportunity to develop a secure members' only section on our website - linked with supporters' membership subscriptions.

What do current members need to do?

Over the next week Bromsgrove Villa Lions members who subscribe to our FREE mailing lists will receive an email confirming their membership account is live on our website and a separate email with their user details to access the Members Zone.

Members who are not on our mailing lists need to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request access to the Members Zone.

New members subscribing via the website will automatically be linked to our new services, even if opting out of our FREE mailing lists.

Features of the Members Zone

New features include the following:

  • Pre-match venue details
  • Ability to update own contact details
  • Member only information
  • Member only event bookings (future upgrade)
  • Coach and ticket booking confirmation (future upgrade)