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Spurs Away and Cherry-Picking

Spurs Away and Cherry-Picking

Spurs Away and Cherry-Picking

With the new season fast approaching and in light of recent communications we have received from members, we feel the need to share some information and knowledge.

Spurs away (10/08/19)

It goes without saying that Aston Villa supporters everywhere wish to attend this match. Our first away match back in the Premier League and a trip to their new ground are both huge factors in a fixture that is drawing a lot of attention.


The away allocation is likely to be 3,000 for this fixture. With Villa's tremendous away following this will clearly not be enough to meet demand.


We are still waiting to hear about the Away Scheme for this season. We will publish and communicate this information when known. Ticket information is expected to be announced soon.

Based upon our last couple of matches in the Championship, we expect this fixture to sell out to supporters with 15-18 away on their histories from last season.


The expected sales criteria for Spurs brings us nicely onto the topic of match cherry-picking!

Supporters who have very little away histories with AVFC and have not supported the Bromsgrove Villa Lions with away coach travel regularly last season cannot realistically expect to obtain tickets for the most popular away matches.

Members are encouraged to support their Supporters' Club, even for the less attractive matches, over the season to build up their histories for when the tastier fixtures come along. We also advise supporters to build up their histories as early as possible into the new season to further enhance their chances of away match tickets with travel.

We look forward to seeing you soon as we follow Aston Villa nationwide for our up-and-coming Premier League campaign.